About Us


The snow removal services that we provide were established many years ago keeping in consideration the requirements of Chilliwack region. We use high technology equipment to clean the snow from the streets and roads, which is the reason we are trusted the most by our clients.

We provide 24 hours support to our clients so that whenever they report an issue to us, we are there to clean out the area.


We have a team of highly skilled workers who are experts in handling the situations when roads are completely blocked because of snow. Our customers are our utmost priority and we believe in providing the best of our services to them always.

Our team uses the best snow management methods to clear out the roads as soon as possible in order to ease out the commuting of people.


Just like any other company, we also believe in customer satisfaction to the maximum extent. All the customers that take our services, we ask them to provide an honest feedback to our services so that there is always a chance of improvement for our team and services.

Once we receive a call from any client regarding the clearance of a road, we look into the requirements of them closely and based on that we start doing our work.

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