Salting / Ice Control Services in Chilliwack

We all know that accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. Since we know that Chilliwack experiences extremely cold winters. Thus, it is very important to hire professional ice removal service in Chilliwack to clear the snow during winters so as to avoid any mishappening that can lead to slipping of the vehicles leading to a major safety hazard.

Our snow removal services help to remove all the ice and snow from the roads and other areas so that people can get all the relevant assistance. Our salting and ice control services help the people in long run and we ensure that the area we are handling for clearing out the ice and snow should be managed properly by us without creating any hassle for the public.

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We apply salting procedure after the removal of excessive snow. As the name implies, the process involves putting salt on the area, where ice and snow often accumulate. Salting helps in melting of remaining ice or snow and to make the pathway highly resistance to slip and fall within less possible span of time. Under salting procedure, salt reduces the ice’s freezing point and thereby, helps in converting to liquid. In this way, salting reduces the risk related to safety hazard, which may take place because of ice or snow accumulation.

Ice Control

We deliver ice control services to let you achieving a dry space made of concrete and reduce your risk related to safety hazard because of ice build-up. We mainly provide you anti-icing and de-icing ice control services at your parking lots and removal of ice from doorways. We use top quality materials, which help in quick melting of the ice in a specific area. These include sodium chloride and calcium chloride, which clears the ice instantly on your doorways and sideways.


Salting the roads is an old technique to manage the road conditions in winters. Salt prevents the snow to bond with the surface of the road.

We make use of the ice slicer to de-ice the streets and the roads.

During the winters, the streets and roads can get covered with the snow and the routine life of people will be greatly hampered due to this. This is the reason, snow removal services are important to take.

We have been handling the snow removal services for a long time and provide the most genuine services to overcome the hustles caused due to ice on the roads.

The charges of snow removal services completely depend upon the size of the area. Based on the size and quantity of snow, the charges are told to the clients.

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